MannaTeam: a case of interinstitutional collaborative learning and Education 5.0


This case addresses the challenge of developing annovel educational strategy that promotes hard and soft skillsnusing different types of emerging technologies. We achieved thisnwith a horizontal collaborative learning strategy, between universities,nand vertical collaborative learning, between universitiesnand schools, organized by the MannaTeam network. In additionnto sharing experiences, knowledge, laboratories and materialsnamong network partners, we popularized our vision of educationnfor the 21st century – Education 5.0, and invested in a project ofnfemale empowerment, showing society the reasons and impactsnof the gender gap in technological areas. The success of ourncontemporary vision of education and the efforts of MannaTeamnmotivate us to continue. There is much to be done to stimulateninnovation in education and the broad understanding that abilitynhas no gender.


Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz Aylon, Daniela Flôr

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